The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Finding a place to live means many things. It can be the beginning - or the end - of your social life. It can change the trajectory of your savings plan (if you were smart enough to come with one). It can expose you to some of the best foods in the city, the shadiest characters, kindle a love for Seamless, fuel a hatred for anything rent-controlled, and everything else in between. We've started with Manhattan 'hoods because newcomers should always at least experience "New York" in all its glory. For returnees, there's other boroughs in there too. Once you're settle in, make sure to check out what's fun to do in your 'hood as well as all those places you need to go get your nosh on.

What people are referring to when they say "New York City"

Only correct if you say it like, "Brooooooooooooklyn!"